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easyjet faqs
Easyjet FAQs

See below frequently asked Easyjet FAQs:

Ashes/ human remains

Ashes are permitted in hand baggage. A copy of the death certificate and the cremation certificate must be provided and the ashes must be securely packaged in an appropriate container which you need to include in your hand baggage. We advise you to inform the handling agent at the airport that you are carrying ashes and to inform security when passing through the security area.

Human remains are not allowed for carriage on any routes.

Wheel chairs & mobility aids

Wheelchairs will be carried on board free of charge in addition to your normal baggage allowance. Each passenger can carry up to two wheelchairs/items of personal mobility equipment free of charge. If the second wheelchair is a sporting wheelchair it can only be carried upon payment of Easyjet’s standard sports equipment charge.

Battery powered wheelchairs can be carried on board as long as the battery is sealed/non-spillable, has been disconnected and is securely attached to the chair. We are unable to accept wheelchairs with un-sealed, spillable batteries.

If your mobility aid weighs more than 60kg it can be accepted for travel provided you inform Easyjet’s special assistance support team at least two days in advance.